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Dear members


This is this time of the year when the membership will get to express its wishes and have the chance to question the outgoing Board. Our AGM will be held on Sunday December 3rd at 10:00 at the Club House.


Included in this Birdie are also the financial statements as reviewed by our auditor. As you can see, we have made great strides in resolving our past financial problems and I say thanks to a very dedicated Board that worked very hard in trying to achieve that goal. I should also show appreciation for the membership for having shown solid support.


A vote of appreciation should also go to our landlord, Clyde Coats, for making it possible for us to start reinvesting in the restoration of our fairways and the fixing of #5 green.


But we still have to solidify our financial base in making sure that all aspects of our organization is well managed and organized. We still have to find a new manager and set up separate accounting for cart and driving range. Those are two profit centers that if well managed could bring additional revenue to the Club.


We had an excellent year and were are right on the proposed budget that the Board approved a year ago. We went from a $20,733.00 loss in 2005 to $36,047.00 in positive earnings in 2006. We have tightened some management procedures and are investing in a new point of sales system that should further improve our efficiency in managing our profit centers.


Our membership growth has not kept up with the other side of our operation and it is hoped that all the efforts that have been directed towards it will pay off in the coming year. All golf courses of our size and similar markets have been having difficulty cultivating a growing membership and we have to direct our efforts in swaying more local residents in joining our ranks.


I t has been a pleasure for having been your President for the last two years and I am looking forward to seeing you at our AGM.


Andre Lemieux


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At the end of the 2005-2006 Membership year we had 267 members in the following categories:

Resident Single         -  75

Resident Couple        -  78

NonResident Single  -  15

NonResident Couple -  14

Corporate                   -    1

Junior                         -  12

Social                         -  65

Honorary                    –   7

In 2005 we gained 17 new members but had 40 members resign, many of them due to the levy assessed at the 2004 AGM. 

Another 37 changed their categories, with only 3 people moving up to playing status.

As of September 30, 2006 , our membership count is 278 in the following categories:

Resident Single          -     64 

Resident Couple         -     80

NonResident Single   -      20

NonResident Couple  -     14

Corporate                   -        1

Junior                         -      18

Social                          -     56

Associate                   -      18

Honorary                    -        7

We acquired 40 new members this year including 12 playing members and 18 Associates, which is the new category introduced this year.

We had 30 members resign; the majority of them were Social members.  Many of them moved away and some were for medical reasons.

Twenty-eight members changed their category, 9 of them moving up to playing category. Most those who moved from playing to Social or Associate did that for medical reasons.

We need to do everything we can bring new members into the club and to keep as many playing members as possible.  Age and medical conditions are the biggest reasons for people to go down to a lower category, or to move away and resign.

Marion Alexander

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I missed my Birdie deadline for September, thus my ramblings may be longer than usual to adequately cover club events for September through November. (went hunting with Gordie and Doc Holiday immediately after the club championships – aside from a few rainbow trout it was an ecotour).

Men’s Match Play Championships – when I last wrote about this I was about to face Pat Tisdall, who as it turned out kicked my butt. Next, Normie took Pat out to earn the right to face Frank “oh btw I went up to a 17 today” Gregg for the title. Frank wanted me to include a hole by hole description of his victorious round but to avoid a rash of eye pokings, I will decline. Congratulations Frank –  just kidding about the 17 hcp thing.
Overall the double knock out format works well and probably worth doing again next year. Thanks to all the participants most of who never got mentioned in the Birdie but without who the competition wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Monthly review of the matches next year might be something worth trying – how about it Iain?

Mixed Match Play Championship – wait for it, as its still going on. Enough said.
Club Championship – the winners have been identified elsewhere, so I’ll just comment on the combined Ladies’ and Men’s format which really worked well from my perspective. Hope we can do it again. Too bad the mixed horse race had to be nixed – it has a lot of potential.

Sole Survivor III – the usual bloodbath, most if not all of it self induced eh Pat? I love the format. I don’t know if there is a more gut wrenching form of golf competition. Congratulations to Ian Sheppard who outlast a tough field including Dean who hung himself out to dry on the 8th and Pat who played steady golf till that 9th hole self mutilation. Ian was last seen objecting to all the photo ops he was being subjected to.
Ryder Cup – Thanks for a good job of organizing Dick, it was the closest, most tightly fought event ever. Unfortunately (from my POV) Simpson’s team stole the victory by the narrowest possible margin of ONE point, which left each player on the winning team feel that their single point was crucial to the victory which of course it was. Vice versa for my team. First time ever that I ate beans and partially frozen bread and to add insult to injury I was the captain – oh the shame. Carole,Marion and Shirley’s little song of triumph was particularly galling, clever and well performed but still more salt on the wound – motivation for next year.

Men’s Day Wrap up Tourney – Kimmie’s Chinese food was again just superb – thanks Kimmie. Good day, great prizes and plenty of great food. Can’t ask for anything more.
All these tournaments had the common elements of participants, well maintained course, good food, prizes and organization for which I am honored to be able to thank Jim, Craig, Donna, Debbie, Walter, Kimmie, Bev and the membership. THANK YOU ALL.
See you at the AGM.

Steve Cellik

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Management and Personnel

Highlights of the year:

Upon reviewing my reports to the Board since assuming this position last December, I see that this time last year we were in a very similar position-(seems like déjà vu all over again!) interviewing for a Club House Manager—however this year is much, much different than last-- thanks to the hard work of the Board and especially my Personnel Committee- Bev Bickerton, Doug Cavill, Don Clark and Barb Gillen.  This dedicated group has met frequently and made various recommendations to the Board on the following:

Reviewed and updated the entire Policy manual,

Rewritten all Clubhouse job descriptions,

Reviewed and changed the menus,

Developed more accountable reporting and management systems for the Clubhouse staff,

Advertised, short listed, interviewed all new staffing positions,

Hired and trained new shift workers and manager(s)

Provided a staffing model with a budget for the winter and summer seasons 2006-7.

Currently Bev Bickerton has been hired as our interim manager; she has been performing the duties of manager since July as a volunteer. Bev has agreed to stay on to train a new manager early in the New Year.  We will be advertising this more permanent position after the Christmas season.  In the meantime Bev is developing a Manager’s Manual which will be very useful to any new Club House staff or Board member. She is also doing a bang up job of coordinating a very busy winter season of parties and events at the Clubhouse. We certainly owe Bev, Kim, Deb, Donna, Walter and Maureen a huge “Thank you “ for working together to make our Clubhouse such a warm and inviting place for members to bring their guests, and as a place for the entire community to feel welcome.

I have enjoyed my first term as a Director and look forward to continuing to work with the Staff and Board to maintain the warm, friendly ambience in the Clubhouse over the coming months.

Molly Henny - Chair

Social Committee's Report

Support continues to grow within our club and I must comment that so is the laughter. 

We actually broke out into song last week at darts.  Every Friday we play at 7:00 and for only $6.00 come early and have dinner.  You don’t even have to stay for darts but experience or talent are definitely not required – it’s always teams and we draw each week to decide if the team with the lowest or highest score wins!

Sunday breakfast is still being well attended but we can always make room for more – my personal favorite is, of course, the omelet – but it’s all good and for the price the best deal on the island - $6.95 for a full breakfast including coffee and juice.

The Social Committee has had several extremely successful functions so far this year and we are presently gearing up for the Christmas Tea on November 25th from 1 - 3.

We will be calling members for squares and anything they would like to donate to the craft tables.

It’s out! – the poster for the Christmas dinner/dance and the tickets are selling fast – For the price ($20 each) you will have a turkey or ham dinner with the trimmings, music and dancing with door prizes and of course spot dances.  We hope to continue with a sell-out party crowd.

We are also planning to have a New Year’s Day brunch but that’s a royal we as I’ve not let the Social Committee Members know this yet – looks like a quiet New Year’s Eve for me.

We have a great facility and staff  - let’s use it!

Respectfully submitted

Carrol Craig


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Greens Committee Report

The golfing season has come to an end for most of our members – although some of the diehards will still be out there! 

But for the Greens Committee, there is no season and the work will continue.   The slope on #5 green will be completed shortly and the old #5 green will no longer be in use.  There is a rumor that there might be a pond established on the side of #5 fairway – this might be true.  The reason for establishing a pond is to alleviate the concentration of water in front of #5 green.  During the winter we will be installing drainage in front of #5 and will decide at that time if a pond is required.  We are also planning to fill major holes on the fairways during the winter months. 

We accomplished quite a bit this year and had favorable comments from the members in regards to the condition of the course . . . we also had some complaints . . . mostly to do with the length of the fairways.  Because of the unevenness of the fairways it is very difficult to cut them to a consistent length.  That is why one of our priorities is to level the fairways. 

One of the difficulties we had this year was scheduling the puncher from Nanaimo to punch the greens, either due to inclement weather or when he was available, there were tournaments scheduled.   Because of this we started to look for a puncher of our own.  We have located a couple that will suit our needs and we are negotiating to purchase one shortly.  This will allow us to punch the greens on a regular basis rather than having to rely on outside sources.

I would like to thank all the people who volunteered to help out this year and thanks also to our dedicated staff.

Jim Simpson

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Birdie produced by Lyn Clarke