August 2008

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President's Report

President’s Report – August 2008

Finally the great weather has arrived and our course is looking better than I can ever remember. Hopefully it will remain as great long into the fall.

Our green fee players are up from previous years and the Friday Night’s have been busier than any in the past few years. In fact Sarah reports that even our slowest Friday is much better than any Friday last year.

The water is great and the kitchen is well run with many new items on the menu at a lower cost to us and we are very pleased with the staffing.

Sarah Kostiw is doing a wonderful job as Manager and Mike Stewart is putting in lot of extra hours to keep our course pristine. Craig Robertson is still around quite a bit and is very appreciated by one and all.

The Men’s Amateur chaired by Miranda Barnes was extremely well organized, the weather was great and the play was faster that last year. Miranda and her entire team deserve a huge thank you and round of applause.

The Concert on the Green featuring Abba Cadabra was a huge success and the Lions did a great job of organizing, along with our staff, and Andre Lemieux assisting with the coordination. We followed that up with the World Cup the following and great fun was had by all – we thank Shirley Nicolson and her committee for an excellent meal.

Our Manager, Sarah Kostiw, is ill at present but hopefully on the road to a speedy recovery – I have wished her well for all of us and will look forward to her return. If you have any questions for the Manager Ev Simpson is acting in that position (and doing a great job) for the present.

Respectfully submitted

Carrol Craig



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Greens Committee's Report

Harold Jenner has been away. No report has been submitted.


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Social Committee's Report

Thanks to all of you who attended our Special TGIF to welcome our new members, and bid a fond farewell to our members who have left the club. It was a full house, and a good time was had by all.

Don’t forget, we have TGIF every Friday, starting at 6 p.m., with cheap beer and burgers.

Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend.

The Men’s Amateur was also a big success. The Social Committee provided Friday’s Supper, Saturday’s Lunch and Sunday’s Dinner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Social Committee volunteers, Robin Arndt, Anne Banford, Carrol Craig, Gwen L’Heureux, Donna Robertson and Ev Simpson. Also, a big thank you, to the club members who prepared well over 100 sandwiches for Saturday’s lunch. They all work very hard to make our events a success.

The club house and golf coarse have never looked better. I can’t think of too many spots on Gabriola that are more pleasant than the deck overlooking our fairways. So do come out and support the club, we’d love to see you.

Shirley Cerniuk

Social Director


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Management and Personnel

Management and Personnel August 2008

Let’s hope the worst is over and a huge “welcome back” to Sarah.

She took sick a couple of weeks ago and ended up spending some of her time over in Vancouver under the care of some wonderful doctors.

Sarah’s to be commended for all of her efforts even while she was away. Much of her time away was spent either on the phone or the computer keeping organization of both the Concert on the Green and the tournament that followed. All the activities at the club were carried out as planned without any hitches.

I also wish to express gratitude to Ev Simpson. Ev was appointed acting manager in Sarah’s absence and she did a very professional job of taking care of business. Thanks Ev! I’m sure that if you’d had a choice you’d rather have carried on as normal. But it’s nice to know that we can count on you. I’d also like to thank all of our staff members for assisting with the duties at hand. Without all of your efforts none of the activities could have been accomplished so smoothly. Great team work people and a round of applause to you all!

And last, but certainly not least, we should all be grateful to the many volunteers that played an important part of making the work load lighter. Without them, our club wouldn’t be what it is. A heart-felt thanks to each and every one of you. For any of you that haven’t taken the opportunity to volunteer, feel free to get involved. It’s a great feeling to be part of the fun and success.

Lyn Clarke


Management and Personnel

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House and Grounds

Bob Blair was unable to submit his report.

Membership Secretary Report

The club members have been very busy this year and we thank them for all their good work in making this club such a welcoming and fun place to visit with friends and family.

This year we have collected just over 95% of the dues we billed and that is wonderful. Several members have taken advantage of the 12 month payment plan and this benefits both the club and the members. We have a steady source of income and they know exactly how much will be taken out of their accounts each month.

The overall membership numbers are down but we have 2 more playing members than we had in February and hope we can get even more people signing up over the summer. New members get their dues discounted as the season progresses, so if you know someone who is interested in joining, perhaps you could point that out to them.

We would like to welcome the following new adult members to the Club:

Dean Clark

Howard Cunningham – “Mr. C”

Doon & Harry Law

Kent Moen – new owner of Wild Rose Garden Centre

Susan Russell

Jason Van Wyck

Vikki Vettese

New Juniors are:

Daniel and Timothy Clarke

Jeremy Megyesi

Catherine and Jaqueline Skinner

Serena, Richard and Raymond Sun

If you see a new face out there, please be sure to say hello and make our newest members feel welcome.

We hope you will all enjoy the good weather ahead and will take part in as many tournaments, Men’s and Ladies’ Days, Junior programmes, etc. It’s your club, so get the most out of your membership.

Anyone wanting a new bag tag can email me at and I will make one up and leave it at the clubhouse for you.

Marion Alexander

Membership Secretary


The bad times of the spring season have been replaced by some good sales returns for June and July. Our staff have been working hard trying to catch up with lost sales in the early part of the year and lets hope that August and September will keep the good weather on our side as our green fee sales are what we rely on to make it a successful season.

It was nice to see that our membership sales are up and have filled the holes left by many members leaving us over the last twelve months.

Andre Lemieux


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Handicap and Tournaments

Low gross winner - Barry Norris
(list of winners available on the Club's web site)

Anxiouslly waiting for score's posting

The good life of a volunteer!!

Club Captain's swing!

Did Alex made his putt?

The famous cannon finish!


July brought in our famous annual Men’s Amateur with resounding success. Miranda Barnes did a great job of leading it and the Club greatly benefited. It was well attended by club members with many winning major prizes. A list of winners is available on the web site.

The World Cup, which was held the day after the Concert on the Green, was also a winner for the Club under the leadership of Doug Cavill and Mike Reid. The final tally is not yet confirmed but the proceeds will go to the Gabriola Lions Club and Cops for Cancer program. The winner was team Iceland with team Argentina as a close second. It was also a great success as we had the maximum number of teams which was set at 16 made up of five players each. The $25,000.00 hole in one prize was not won and will be available again next year for anyone wanting to give it a try.

The Quebec team was the only one with a camera!

The Past President’s Tournament will be held on Monday the 25th of August at 10:30 am. It will be followed by a dinner. You need to be invited by one of the past presidents or the present president to play in it.

There has been some confusion as to the dates of tournaments. We have a wall calendar at the Club House as well as one on the web site. Anybody can change the dates on the wall calendar without informing the proper persons but only the webmaster and the manager can change the dates or information on the web site. The web site is therefore the most accurate information and I strongly suggest that it should be the place to find out about the events or tournament dates. There was confusion about the Past President’s Tournament caused by a wrong date on the wall calendar. Sorry about the inconvenience!

In September we have the President’s Cup which will be held on the weekend of the 13 and 14 to be followed by the Club Championship on the 20 and 21. Sign up early.

Andre Lemieux

Handicap and Tournaments

Webmaster's Report

Webmaster’s Report

The web site is becoming a very important tool of our Club and is also the conduit that helps produce all the e-mails that the Club sends occasionally to the membership.

It can also store a multitude of other kinds of information like financial reports and personal members’ information.

It is a big job to keep all this information together and up to date. For this reason, I would like to ask the help of anybody that would be interested in helping me with the administration of this system. I will provide the training if required and it is a volunteer’s task that can be done from home. If anybody is interested please let me know.

Andre Lemieux


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