December 2007 AGM

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President's Report

Dear members

I am leaving the post of President at the AGM. After three years it is time to move on and it is good for the Club to have some fresh blood to look at our projects with a different optic.

During these last three years we have seen the Club evolve from near insolvency to an organization that is well entrenched for growth.

We have changed the management system, modernized and improved our sales structure by introducing a Point of Sales System, negotiated a temporary lease reduction with the lease holder to improve our course, created a web page with a section for members only, formed an association with the other three Gulf Islands’ courses and harmonized the Club atmosphere.

But we still have lots of shortcomings that will have to be monitored and fixed if we want to take advantage of the hard work of the past three years.

Our membership is stagnant despite efforts to attract new members. This is the time for a new board to come up with ideas to attract golfers.

The Club House has to increase its social activities to justify its existence. Social functions and Club tournaments have been attended by the same people with the majority of the membership not showing up. Somehow, the membership has to increase its loyalty to Club events for it to succeed.

This Club was formed by volunteers and has been running with the help of volunteers since its foundation twenty seven years ago. The most dedicated volunteers have been the past and present members of the Board of Directors. It has been increasingly hard to find members who would like to fill these positions and it is imperative that members with experience in management or past leadership roles come forward and offer to serve on board positions. Our AGM is on the 30th of December and it is still time to show up at the plate.

Our course

We have been able to improve our course with the help of our lease holder, Mr. Clyde Coats. The no. 5 green was finished and greatly improved. The no. 5 fairway was also enhanced with the addition of drainage. Other sections of the course also had some drainage added.

We are getting a break on our lease of $12,500.00 for the next two years and that money should be used to improve the front of no. 1, 2, 3 and 4 greens. 

Attracting golfers to come and play our course either as members or visitors is becoming very competitive taking into account all the available courses on Vancouver Island. The improvement to our course is imperative  to be able to meet that challenge.

Craig  Robertson, our course foreman, retired in the fall but has agreed to come back for the winter to do the annual overhaul and maintenance on our equipment and will be coming back one day per week for the next golf season.

Thank you for giving your trust and support during my term as president and I am looking forward to spending more time on the course as a player.

I wish all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2008.

Andre Lemieux



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Social Committee's Report

The Social Committee has had many extremely successful functions so far this year with the exception being Halloween. All in all we have made money and donated chairs (the new folding ones) to the club. We still have plans to purchase new chairs for the deck.

Our Christmas dinner/dance was fantastic with great music and, from what we hear, superb food.

We are not planning to have a New Year’s Day brunch as the Club will be closed.

I have enjoyed being the Chairman of the Social Committee for the past two years. It’s success has been based on the wonderful volunteers: Ev Simpson, Shirley Cerniuk, Gwen L’Heureux, Miranda Barnes, Olga Korinek, Barb Gillen, Merrilee and Ken Wur, Ann Banford, Donna Robertson, Kelly Jenkins and the many others who volunteer for specific functions.

We have a great facility and staff - let’s keep using it!

Respectfully submitted
Carrol Craig

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House and Grounds

Over the course of the year a lot of work was done on the clubhouse to repair defects and to upgrade the facility.  The repairs included; revarnishing the floor, rebuilding the door to the deck and replacing the rotted window sill over the sink. Various minor repairs were done to the counter and coffee maker area.

            The chipboard cupboard doors, which were severely water damaged, were replaced with new vinyl covered MDF doors.  The kitchen floor tiles were to be replaced but upon closer inspection it was found that the sub floor also required repairing which meant postponing the job until the clubhouse is closed for the season.  This repair will be done in January 2008.

            Problems with the emergency exit lighting system ended up requiring replacement of the electronic control panel which was accomplished.

Two “Boil Water” advisories on our water were found to be caused by accumulation of dirt on the sterilizing light tube during periods of high water turbidity. This has been resolved by the implementation of a cleaning schedule and log book system to organize and record the cleaning. Should further problems occur it is planned to add a flow restrictor to the system to increase the residency time of the water in the ultra violet sterilizer.

            On the “grounds” side, dead trees (large firs) were removed to prevent danger to members and to the clubhouse itself.  The upkeep of the flower beds was left entirely to our volunteer ladies.

New problems continue to occur – at the time of writing this report the gas stove in the clubhouse has failed and will require repair or replacement. 

House and Grounds Director

Pat Tisdall, Gabriola Golf Course

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Advertising & Promotion

Advertising and Promotion: December 2007

And so there goes another year. I don’t know where, but it’s gone. In reviewing our books, I’d like to report we had a fabulous year financially. I’d also like to report that
it was all because of our new campaign to ‘Golf the Gulf Islands’. However, the financial picture doesn’t allow me to do that…… least not with conscience.

A recent meeting with our business partners, Salt Spring, Galiano and Pender Island
Golf Courses has left us all wanting to continue on with this campaign. Adjustments
will have to be made for next year, but all of them are miniscule. Simple things like
altering our circulation channel and tracking devices are part of the picture for the
coming year. All of us are still very positive about the campaign and feel that it
will take a couple of years to knock out all the glitches. Anything worthwhile never
happens over night. We’ve all discussed in detail who can be eligible to win free golf
for a year and there will be some adjustments there as well. The bottom line here is
to entice newcomers. Either way, I feel we’re on the right track.

This past year for me has been a great experience. It’s not been without its trials and
tribulations, but I’ve enjoyed serving on the Board. And as luck would have it, my
sentence isn’t over yet. I would like to extend a thank you to Molly, Andre, Carrol,
Marion, Pat, Michelle, Jim and Bob. All of you made me feel welcome and part of
the team. All I can hope for is that next years team will be just as great. See you at
the AGM.

Lyn Clarke,
Director, Advertising and Promotion

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Management and Personnel

This past year has seen many changes in our Club house staffing.  Throughout the year we have been very fortunate to have competent and friendly people working behind the bar and in the kitchen. With Bev Bickerton getting us off to very organized start in the new year as our interim Manager we were prepared with the revised Policy manual, a new Manager’s handbook and much clearer and detailed job descriptions for all positions. This made the work of the Management Committee, Barb Gillen, Doug Cavill, Don Clark and I much easier as we advertised, hired, and arranged for the training of staff.

We were very fortunate in hiring as manager, Sarah Kostiew, a whiz on the new POS system and a delightful and dedicated worker.  Kim hung in with us all year while Donna, Walter and Deb all moved on to other jobs and Andrea went back to College.  I wish them all every success in their future endeavours. 

Thanks, too to Val, Lois and Evie S. who took up the slack for us in the fall. We now have a skeleton staff on for the winter months. The Sunday breakfasts could not have happened without the help of Carrol C., Carole L., Michelle, Anne, Donna, Lynne and others who willingly volunteered to serve and help with cleanup.

Next year will be a challenge as we need to find and train new staff for the busy golfing season.  Let’s hope the weather turns warm and rain- free earlier next year.

Thanks to all of the staff and members for supporting me during my term on the Board.

Tom and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great golfing season in 2008!!

Respectfull submitted

Molly Henney Chair
Management and Personnel 


The membership count as of today (Dec. 10, 2007) is 268.  We have 174 playing members, 50 Social, 7 Honorary, 18 Associate and 19 Juniors.  The playing member count breaks down as follows:  Resident Single – 62; Resident Couple – 78;  Non-Resident Single – 17; Non-Resident Couple – 12,  Resident Family – 4 and Corporate – 1.

We would like to welcome the following to the club:  Allan Oliver, The Black family – Bob, Judy, Myles and Elhe; Jake Andrew, Judy Sanders, Carl Boehm and the Terhart family -  Bert, Rosanne, Alex and Kathryn.

Several members have already moved away this year and others will be following in the New Year.  As well, illness will cause a few people to give up their memberships and we will lose a minimum of 25 members by next April.   Each year the numbers seem to go down so we need everyone to encourage friends and neighbours, as well as family, to join and keep the dues down to a reasonable level. 

The invoices for next year’s dues will be sent out in early January, once the fee schedule as been set at the AGM.  If you know that you are not going to be able to renew your membership, please let us know ahead of time, so that we don’t bother you with an unwanted bill.   We would also like to remind members to keep us informed of any changes in address, phone #, email address, etc.

Our thanks to everyone who has been a member this year and has taken part in any of the tournaments and other activities, as well as doing volunteer work.  You are the ones who make this club the great organization that it is.  Several visitors to the Men’s and Ladies’ Amateurs and the World Cup Tournament have commented on what a welcoming and friendly group we are.   All the best for next year.

Marion Alexander
Membership Secretary

Carts and Driving Range

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of Peter Alexander, several improvements were made this year to make the Driving Range more welcoming and usuable.  First he put in the underground cable and did the wiring to supply power to the equipment shed.  Next he built the framework for the new mixer, supplied by the Social Committee, to use as a ballwasher for the range balls.  Then he put together and installed new netting for the driving range.

Charles has done a great job picking up the range balls and ensuring that they were washed before returning them to the ball locker.  Proof that the members appreciate all this work is shown in the purchase of the range punch cards which have been very popular this year. 

We would appreciate it if everyone would return the baskets when they take out balls to the range. 

This year we collected $4200 from the Cart Levy.  We have purchased two carts – one to be used for parts and the other one is available for rental.  Some of the money collected was used to buy parts for the carts as well.

Between the carts and the driving range we made a profit of approx. $7000 this year, so we know that they are good money makers for the club.  Craig works hard to keep them maintained and they should last us for several years yet as long as people are careful when they drive them.

Thanks also to Todd and Janni for cutting and maintaining the range.

Marion Alexander

Chairman, Carts and Driving Range

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Treasurer's Report

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