December 2008 AGM

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Treasurer's Report (financial statements)
Social Committee Report Membership Report
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Handicap & Tournaments Greens Committee
Power Carts Notice of AGM and Agenda

President's Report

The A.G.M. is going to be held at 11:00 a.m. on December 14, 2008 at the Club. Please try to attend.

Once we were up and running at full tilt, and the kitchen’s water problem was resolved, we had a great summer and early fall. It helped to have great weather and many new members. In fact this year we have more members than last, thanks in part to our monthly fee schedule.

Friday Nights have been busier than any in the past few years. In fact Sarah reports that even our slowest Friday is much better than any Friday last year. Also the Sunday meat draw is being very well attended bringing in much needed revenue.

With the water improvement, and new items on the menu, at a lower cost to us for groceries, we have finally made a little profit with the food. (This could be a first).

The Board is looking at a way to set up a Trust Fund for members to facilitate estate donations. We are still at a discussion stage and would possibly have this fund managed by a minimum of 3 surviving Past Presidents.

We are also preparing to ask members for a donation to this fund in appreciation of the use of our facility at no charge, and for our Club members providing refreshments, for funeral/memorial services.

All in all, this has been a very good year for us although we did have a few unexpected expenses.

We really appreciate our members but would also like to see some new faces at our Club functions.

Respectfully submitted
Carrol Craig


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Social Committee's Report

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, and the Social Committee has some great events planned for you.

December 6th is the day of our Christmas Party. We will be serving a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. There will also be dinner music by Marilyn Smith and her 4 piece combo. As usual, cocktails will be served at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7p.m.

New Years Eve will be a Gala Affair, beginning at 9 p.m. New Years Eve. This will be your chance to wear that favorite cocktail dress or gown. There will be munchies to nibble while you enjoy a beverage, and kick up your heels to the music of Dave ORama. Complimentary champagne will be served at midnight, followed by a light buffet.

Tickets for both events are now on sale at the club house.
Christmas Dinner $20.00
New Years Eve $25.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for our beautiful gift baskets. There are 3 this year, and they are crammed with over $100. worth of goodies in each basket.
Tickets are $2.00 each, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, and 15 for $20.

So please come out and have some fun and support your club.

Shirley Cerniuk
Social Director

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House and Grounds

We would like to thank all those who helped to improve our kitchen area and who donated the major appliances and supplies: Doug and Gisela Cavill for the BBQ, Marion and Peter Alexander for the stainless steel table, Shirley and Winston Cerniuk for the flooring and Carole and Andre Lemieux for the stove.


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Greetings from beyond. As some of you may know I have been on a bit of a leave for the past while, not being able to golf for the past six weeks due to health concerns. But I think I may be on my way back. This leaves me a bit out of touch of much with what has been happening at the course.

But I do know that we have purchased a used rotary mower in very good condition, and we hope to be able to finance a new greens mower. The time it takes to repair things on the old machines, which are between 15 and 20 years old, was becoming a concern.

We have reduced the staff for the winter. Much appreciation to John and Jannie for their dedicated work this year. We hope to see them both back at work in the spring.

We have been ordering things for next year, including fertilizer, sand, and the necessary parts for the refurbishing of much of our equipment. That will keep Mike busy for most of the winter. We would also want to thank ‘ole Craig’ for his great help in teaching Mike all the ways to make old machines purr again.

We will have to be very vigilant about the greens this next year. Probably interfering with men’s day, ladies’ day, tournaments, Saturdays or Sundays. We simply cannot allow our greens to deteriorate. They are not in good condition, even though it may not appear so to the untrained eye. We hope you will understand our concern and make do with missing a day or two of your favorite time to golf. Replacing a green is not on our agenda.

We have been pleased with the condition of the course this year, and as I am able I want to discuss with many folks over the winter things that we need to do in the coming year. This first year for me on the board has been a learning experience, with lots of ups and downs.

A hearty thank you to all who helped make our golfing season such a success.

Harold Jenner.

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Handicap & Tournaments

The handicapping system works very well under the RCGA program and if you have any question please feel free to e-mail me at 
We had another very successful year with club and outside tournaments. The bad weather in the spring forced us to reschedule some but by the end of the season we had all of them on track.

It was nice to have a second year for our World Cup tournament and it looks that it will become permanent with the support of our local main sponsor: Village Food.

The schedule of tournaments and events for next year is already on the web and now is the time to plan ahead for the ones you most prefer.

Thank you for your support and thank you to all the volunteers for their most needed help.

Andre Lemieux, Handicap and Tournaments

The pleasure of volunteering!

Alex Richard and Mike!

All the way from Quebec!

Best swing in town!

Our famous cannon!

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Manager's Notes

We have had an exciting year. With a lot of hard work from an extraordinary staff and a dedicated group of volunteers, it was a great success. It takes a lot of people, many hours to accomplish this task. It is wonderful to see that everyone plays a part, so that we can all play golf.

We have welcomed a lot of new members this year. They have brought a new energy and fresh ideas to our club. There is always a place for new ideas. It is really important that we hear from all members regarding a multitude of issues. There is a comment box on the bar at the clubhouse that I encourage everyone to use. There is also a forum on the website where you can share your ideas and feedback.

Sarah Kostiw, Manager


We have had 42 new people join the club this year. The latest newcomers are:

Kelly Wicks
Carolyn McWhinnie
Brian MacCaull
Tom Clarkson
Mark Froom

Welcome to all of you and we hope you will enjoy your memberships.

Anyone wanting a new bag tag can email me at and I will make one up and leave it at the clubhouse for you.

I have agreed to stay on as Membership Secretary for one more year, but will not make any promises beyond that.

I do not think, for one minute, that anyone is irreplaceable. Unforeseen circumstances may dictate a change at any time, so we strongly need new people to step up and get involved. Everyone has other obligations but more participation is needed if you want your club to get stronger and provide a stronger return on your membership dollar.

Please think seriously about what you can do for your club.

Marion Alexander
Membership SecretaryMembership Report

Power Carts

There is a group of members that are now looking into the possibility of building a permanent covered area for power carts. Some of our members have purchased electric carts that require a location for recharging the batteries. This has created a demand for such resources and since the future will be in mostly electric powered carts it is logical to look into the possibility of erecting such a structure.

At the moment, the plan is to create space for about eighteen carts and it would be located south of the maintenance shed, against the rock face towards the lake.

No final arrangement has been made regarding the cost and how to pay for it but it is planned to be done with donated material, labor, expertise and non club funds. More information will be available in the near future. For those interested in this kind of project or wanting to find more about it contact Andre Lemieux at:

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Treasurer's Report

Link to the Financial Statements


Notice of AGM  


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2008 AT 11:00am



1.               Call to order.

2.               Appointment of Parliamentarian and Scrutineers.

3.               Approval of Minutes Annual General Meeting December 30 , 2007

4.               Business arising from Minutes.

5.               President’s Report.

6.               Treasurer’s Report.

7.               Special Resolutions.

8.               Executive Committee Recommendations to Members.

9.               Election of Officers.

10.           New Business.






The Board recommends that dues be increased for the 2009 season

(as per the table below )to cover the cost of living.

The total revenue increase is 5%. Some categories will have increases of less than 5% while others will have increases of slightly over 5%.

The Board recommends that no increase be applied to Junior members.

Rationale: At the 2006 AGM the membership indicated that we should be moving towards a single membership system and that we should
be trying to reach that goal over a period of time. The easiest way to do it is to slowly bring the double member categories to an equal
level with the single categories. This year's dues increases are following that process.

Membership Annual Dues

Proposed Dues for 2009

08 Dues
Res. Single


Res. Couple
Res. Family
Non-res sngl
Non-res copl
Non-res fam




Proxy form: Please note that in order for your proxy to be valid the proxy form must be completed and returned to me one week before the date of the meeting, that is Monday, December 8, 2008.  My fax number is (250) 247-9841, e-mail attachment is, mail to Secretary, Gabriola Golf and Country Club, Box 239, Gabriola, B.C. V0R1X0, or deliver to the Golf Club to my attention.


We wish to waive reading of the Minutes of the General Meeting December 30, 2007 . They will be posted on the Bulletin Board at the Club.  If you wish to receive copies for your perusal contact me at 247-9938 or e-mail address as above.


Michelle Marks,





If you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting December 14, 2008 but would like to have a proxy vote entered, please complete this Proxy Form and return it by Monday, December 8, 2008 to:  Secretary, Gabriola Golf and Country Club, Box 239 , Gabriola, B.C. V0R 1X0. Can also be faxed: 250-247-9889 or e-mail at


I, _________________________________________ a voting member in good standing of the Gabriola Golf and Country Club, will be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting December 14,  2008.



I hereby appoint ______________________________________, who is also a member in good standing, as my proxy member and authorize him/her to vote on my behalf.





Signature_______________________________________       Date______________________________








If you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting December 14, 2008 but would like to have a proxy vote entered, please complete this Proxy Form and return it by Monday, December 8, 2008 to:  Secretary, Gabriola Golf and Country Club, Box 239 , Gabriola, B.C. V0R 1X0. Can also be faxed: 250-247-9889 or e-mail at


I, _________________________________________ a voting member in good standing of the Gabriola Golf and Country Club, will be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting December 14,  2008.



I hereby appoint _____________________________________, who is also a member in good standing,

as my proxy member and authorize him/her to vote on my behalf.





Signature______________________________________       Date ______________________________





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