JULY 2006

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Dear Members,


The month of July witnessed one of the best Gabriola Men’s Amateurs this Club has experienced. We should thank Ted Caldwell and his committee for an exceptional job. Another article in this edition describes quite well the unravelling of this major event.


The other issue I would like to talk about is the resignation of our manager Lori Matthews . Lori has accepted new employment in Nanaimo to enhance her career. We are working very hard in trying to fill the void created by Lori and at the same time keeping in mind a solid future for our Club.


Lori did a magnificent job of bringing back a happy atmosphere to our club house and will be hard to replace. We wish Lori good luck in her future employment and would like to make her feel welcome any time she visits us.


Until we find a replacement for Lori we will be hiring more club house staff as well as having volunteers, board and non-board members, filling the gap. It is our busiest time of the year and any help or suggestion would be appreciated.


We have a new book keeper: Maureen O’Rourke. Maureen is extremely well qualified and will be doing many of the tasks that were done by Lori in her position as book keeper as well as some of the managerial tasks that border on book keeping.


Have a good month of August and enjoy all our coming events.


Andre Lemieux


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Membership Secretary's Report

Membership Secretary's Report - Marion Alexander
I apologize to Sue McManus and Ron Vanderkruyk for leaving them off the list of new members in the last Birdie.  We welcome them along with the following who have joined in the last few weeks:  Bob Blair, Franco & Maria Scarfone, Larry & Sharon Errington , Brennan Mattes and John Bateson.
The membership count is now up to 270 - Playing -174; Social- 56; Associate- 16, Honorary - 7 and Junior - 17
We still have several empty upper lockers in the Men's Locker room and the Board has agreed to allow Social members to rent them, on the understanding that, if a playing member requests a locker and none are available, the most recently rented out Social member's locker would have to be vacated.  This is not likely to happen, so if you are interested in obtaining a locker, please contact me at 247-8288 or marion.is@shaw.ca

Last month I urged members to get involved in the activities of the Club and I want to thank all of them who did just that for the Men's Amateur.  We even had people who aren't members working their hearts out to make the tournament the huge success that it was.  I have chaired the Amateur in the past,  and I have worked on it for about 15 years.  This year's was definitely the best one in a long time.  Ted and Lois Caldwell, Jim and Ev Simpson and Brian and Min Friebel are just six of the people who went above and beyond the call of duty and the players really appreciated everything that was done for them.  I would like to share with you the email I got from Kevin Marsden and Mike Crum.  This was the first time they had entered the Amateur and Kevin won the Overall Low Net Championship.  Mike is even thinking of moving to Gabriola and joining our club.

Hi Marion,
Thank You very much for one of my best experiences in a tournament. I have never met more enjoyable, accomodating people. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and appreciate everything You and your volunteers did for us.  Also one more question, is there a Gabriola paper with any write up on the tournament and if so, could you grab a couple  copies for us please? Thanks again Marion, it was a pleasure and Mike and I feel that we have made quite a few new friends from Gabriola. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
And once more Thank You. 
Kevin Marsden and Mike Crum.

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Men Captain's Report

Thanks Ted for  running an excellent Men’s Amateur. I know you didn’t do it alone and hope your legion of tireless volunteers are given due credit somewhere in the Birdie. I do have to mention Marshal Dillon (or was that Deputy Festus?) who seemed to take to his role like duck to water – next year you should give him a 10 gallon hat, but no six shooter. Thanks John.

Craig, Jim, Janni and Andrew part II had the course in great shape – liked the fence behind new #5 green. We have become accustomed to you folks getting the impossible done. THANKS.

Men’s day turn outs have averaged 30+ players for June and July, mostly members with the occasional guests, who are always welcome – just sign up by Wed. to get the desired groupings. With the odd exception, our rounds have been between  4 ¼ to 4 ¾ hours, which is great compared to past years but would be nice to get it down to between 4 and 4 ½ hours.  

The KP pot for #7 is a bit of an issue, as we have no record of when it was last won or how much there is in the pot, because the $3 collected  goes into a general men’s day account, with no sub-account keeping track of the $0.25 collected from each player. I’m leaning towards starting with an empty pot from beginning of this and each subsequent season. I can easily go back in our records for the season to determine the number of players who have participated and multiply that by 0.25 to come up with a payout to a lucky winner. If you have any other workable suggestions, please contact our president – jk let’s talk.

My other hat is Handicap Chairman. RCGA/BCGA have come up with yet another brilliant scheme to thwart sandbagging. Each member club now must have a certified HCP chairman in order to issue valid HCP cards. As Iain says it’s a slippery slope, I’m getting into deeper and deeper water especially when I reflect back on Bill’s description of the position  “ oh you just look after men’s day scoring Steve” Anyway the new HCP system requires that we post
1 – scores from 9 and 18 hole rounds or when 13 or more holes (7 holes for 9 hole rounds) are played. In our case be sure to specify front or back 9 .
2 – scores from all forms of competition including stroke and match play.
3 – scores made at home, away or out-of-country on courses with a valid course and slope rating.
4 - if you start but do not finish a hole (e.g. you pick up or were given a putt) record the score you would most likely have made. When you stop playing after 13 holes or more holes record the par plus any handicap strokes to which you are entitled for the remaining holes.
5 – remember to adjust your gross score before posting to reflect Equitable Stroke Control 
           HCP 1 through 18 record max 2 over par on hole
           HCP 19 through 32 record max 3 over par on hole
           HCP 33 and over record max 4 over par on hole

The massaging of #5 green, its approach and runoff at the back got some much needed work when Jim Simpson took over with his “hands on”, ”can do” attitude replacing my “can talk” approach. I am looking forward to playing the new green from the back tees. ( I bought a new 11 fairway metal just for that 2nd shot ). I’ll get Bob Baggnal over to have the course re rated when the approach slope to the new green is finished as it is a significant feature with regards to difficulty and thus rating.

Good luck Lori the boys and I will miss you on men’s days.

Steve Cellik     

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Coming Events and Tournaments for August 2006


·        Sunday Aug. 6 --- Concert on the green

·        Monday Aug. 14, Mid Island Seniors.
(every Club in the district is the host once a year to other male senior golfers)

·        Wed. Aug. 16, Alberni vs Gabriola in Zone 6 ladies

·        Sunday Aug. 20 --- Gabriola Ladies Open

·        Monday Aug. 21 --- Cotton Wood vs Gabriola,  ladies club exchange

·        Wednesday Aug. 23 --- Junior Championship

·        Monday Aug. 28, --- Past Presidents’ Tournament

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Men's Amateur Tournament

Another Gabriola Men’s Amateur has come and gone and by all accounts this was one of the most successful ever in terms of absolutely everything.  The sun shone, the players said they had fun, the food was delicious. And it was almost glitch-less.  Where would we be without a little glitch here and there to make life interesting?


Horse race finalists

Pressure putt

The horse race on Friday was great fun and won by that awesome twosome of Dan Foley and John Church.  The Meet The Players buffet set the standard for the three days of gourmet meals.  Under the baton of our very sociable social director, Carrol Craig, who has informed us that the secret to her success is having fun with her team – please define ‘fun’, Carrol; if it means gallons of wine as cooks’ perks, may I join the team? 


Saturday was a gorgeous day.  As the players rounded the first nine holes they all raved about the condition of the course.  Never have they seen it so manicured.  Of course, there were also those who raved about certain pin placements.   Craig and his crew were formidable and put in loads of extra hours ensuring that the fairways and greens were better than they have ever been.  Way to go Craig!


And then there was the delicious Saturday night dinner!  And how about that Calcutta!

Lots of fun was had by all.  Take a guess how much money the bar made.


Sunday was another gorgeous day – am I repeating myself?    Players finished weary yet satisfied and said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves regardless of the scores that were submitted.  The expectation of the Sunday night dinner did not disappoint.  The best yet.  I hope everybody checked out that prize table!  Too bad, Andre.  Maybe next year.


As we all know our local hero, Curtis Smith, won for the third time – he came up through the Gabriola junior ranks don’t you know! And he doesn’t even practise!  Kevin Marsden, a wonderful first-time competitor from Nanaimo , won the low net. All the players who shone are listed on the golf club web page but, at this time, we would like to acknowledge the fact that it was Jim Simpson who actually won first low net in the 3rd flight.  Thank-you Jim for being a great sport about the oversight. 


This saga would be incomplete without  acknowledging the masterful management of the maestro Ted Caldwell and the seriously superior organizational skills of Marion Alexander.  What an incredible duo who between them ensured smooth sailing – actually, smooth golfing.  How about next year?


The manager, Lori Mathews, and her team were wonderful.  They managed to stay smiling,  good natured and friendly throughout the fracas which surrounds a golf tournament with all its extra work. Great marshalling John Downer!  You were the man of the moment but speed ‘em up next time.


Lastly, but definitely not least of all, all the other volunteers too numerous to mention.  Without you there would be no tournament. You come out, year after year after year after year.  We cannot do without you.  The Gabriola Golf and Country Club sincerely thanks you.



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Management and Personnel 

High season at the Club and wouldn't you know??  Two key staff people move on to other opportunities leaving us short a Bookkeeper, a Manager and a staff person. We all miss Lori and Sandra, but wish them luck in their new jobs.
Stepping up to the plate we have a team of awesome volunteers under the direction of Bev Bickerton!!  Barb G., Ev W., Carrol C., Carole L.,Doreen, Ev S., Miranda and all the other members who are working so hard to make sure the work gets done and the customers kept happy.
If you notice lots of trainees behind the counter please be patient and give them your support, they are all learning the procedures and doing their very best to fill in until we can recruit and train new staff.  Remember they are volunteers!!
The good news is we've hired Maureen O'Rourke to take care of the books and are in the process of receiving applicants to fill the other two vacancies. Much appreciation to Kim and Tara who are holding down the fort, and doing a great job!!
Looks as though July was a very busy month for the Club - Lets hope the weather holds out for another month or two.  I'm off my crutches and back on two legs and dying to get out there and finish the game a I started back in June!!
See you out there soon!
Molly Henney

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Social Committee's Report

Social Committee Report  July 30/06




Our Club is really benefiting from the great weather with attendance at all functions improving.


The Men’s Amateur was a huge success and the meals provided by the Social Committee and the Club were all above standard.  


We are now making plans for September 23 – a possible Silver Anniversary Revisited and October 28 a Halloween Party so mark your calendars and we hope the see lots of members at both functions.


Keep Swinging!

Carrol Craig, Social Director

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Birdie produced by Lyn Clarke