MARCH 2007

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Dear members

Many changes have occurred at the club.


Two directors resigned for personal reasons: Dean Farley and Donna Robertson. The Board has appointed Pat Tisdall and Marion Alexander to serve as replacements for the remainder of the year.  Pat will be chairing the House and Grounds Committee and Marion the Carts and Driving Range Committee.

The Board also created a new committee. It is the ‘IT Committee’ and its main purpose is to oversee all club computers and software as well as the new information technology that the club might need in the future.


Sarah Kostiw (costyou) is our new manager. Sarah will initially be trained by Bev Bickerton then will be responsible to the Board through the Management and Personnel Committee.

Our book keeper Maureen O’Rourke returned full time to her previous job and has been replaced by Max Russell on a contract basis.  We are very grateful to Maureen who has been a pillar when we had our backs against the wall during last summer’s change-over. We hope to see Maureen as a permanent visitor to our Club.


Another change is at the sale counter. The Club has acquired a point of sale system that will increase the efficiency of our management and record keeping. It is the duty of your Board to make sure that all revenues are properly collected and accounted for.

Most of the visible changes will be noticed before you start your golf game. First, all players will have to sign in and receive a playing receipt. Carts rentals as well as driving range buckets will also be closely monitored and recorded.

We will form a group of volunteers that will act as ‘Starters’ during busy times to assist the duties of our regular staff to monitor number 1 and 10 tees as well as the driving range.

The use of ‘bar tab’ cards will be discontinued and replaced by the Point Of Sale system. All sales will be recorded when made. Members will have the choice of settling their purchases at any time they wish as long as it is made within a thirty day period. The POS will not allow members credit sales on accounts that are more than one month old. The membership list is part of the system even including a picture of each member to help the staff identify members. We ask for your patience, understanding and help while we introduce this new system. It should be of great benefit.


We have a new Men’s Club Captain. Bill Reynolds has accepted the position and will be replacing Steve Cellik who will be taking more time with his family during this coming summer. Gwen L’Heureux is the Ladies Club Captain for the coming season. Check the web site for events and tournaments.

We have struck an agreement with the other Gulf Island golf courses and will be sharing advertising as well as a web site. We will benefit by sharing advertising on the BC Ferries and national publications. We hope to attract more golfers to our course through synergetic promotion with outside partners like other courses, marinas, charter operators, B&Bs, hotels and many more. Lyn Clarke has been very active working on these projects.

We will also encourage visits to those other Gulf Island courses by having a promotional competition. Once a month from May to September the lowest net score from each of the four clubs will be chosen. Those members will be given a free golf pass for the rest of the season to the other three participating courses.

Any person that plays all four courses during 2007 will receive a specially designed golf hat.  More information is available at the Gulf Islands Golf website.

This Club will be organizing overnight trips to some of these courses. We have many members with boats that can help transport golfers for overnight trips.   More shortly on the subject.


The Club has acquired a new TV (50’ Plasma HD). Members have been wondering why such an expense. First I must say that there has been a demand to upgrade our present system. It is also known that this kind of entertainment is beneficial in increasing the interest of the membership in frequenting the Club House.

Being aware of the financial situation, the TV is being financed at zero interest and the

Board has made the decision that it be paid only from donations. I personally started the ball rolling by donating my winnings at the Rubber Ducky Race and hopefully this will be followed by others in the future.

I firmly believe that we have to make the Club House a better place to enjoy if we want to have a vibrant membership. This is all part of it. We need your support.

In closing I would like to thank all those that have been donating their time as volunteers during this long winter season. It has been colder and longer than usual and hopefully we will be compensated by a long hot summer.

TGIF is still sometime after 16:00 each Friday. Make the habit of dropping in even if it is just for a coffee. Let’s call it CLUB PARTICIPATION!!

Andre Lemieux


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Social Committee's Report

We are busy gearing up for our next function on April 14, 2007 and really hoping for a full house – the food is a little more expensive so we’d like a full attendance. 

                  Cocktails at 6:00 p.m. followed by dinner at 7:00 - Music & Dancing 8:00  - $20.00 each


On poster - Costumes optional (prizes) - great food - bring a group!



Carrol Craig


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Membership Secretary's Report


Report from Membership Secretary

All the invoices for the 2007 dues have been mailed out to the members.  Several have already paid and we have taken in over $20,000 to date.  This certainly helps to get us through the winter.

We have four new members this year – two Associate and two Playing members-  one is from out of town and one is from Gabriola.

We know that we are going to lose some members due to illness, death, etc. so we must get more people to join our club.  Last year we had 41 new members and nearly half of them were Associate members. 

As of today the membership stands at 278 – 179 Playing adults, 17 Juniors, 7 Honorary, 56 Social and 19 Associates. 


Marion Alexander

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Editor's Notes

Spring is just around the corner, thank god! Which means, so is golfing. As everyone starts to get “into the swing of things”, this is also a great time to get involved with yourClub. Aside from participating in up-coming events at the club and volunteering for tasks that need to be accomplished, we’re also looking for news items from our members. These items can be anything you feel will be of interest to the other members. Examples could be:

1> Your significant others 59th birthday (for the fourth time)

2> One of our members relocating to another community.

3> Your golfing partners worst score and how you laughed at their dilemma

4> One of our members passing from this life

5> Where you scored on the newest in golf accessories or equipment.

Either way, feel free to submit your News items. All submissions will be classified underwhat we’ll be calling “Our 19th Hole.” This link will be easily accessible through our news letter. I hope you use it and have fun with it. I can’t think of a better way to stayin touch with all of our members! Your entries can be submitted easily by clicking on the link below.

Having said all this, I would at this time like to bring to your attention some sad news.

Lawrie Nielsen, one of our former members, has just recently passed from this life. I’m sure

we’ll all miss him.


Lyn Clarke



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