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E-News --- February 2010

New Format for The Birdie

Starting this month, we will try to have a monthly e-news that will only be distributed by e-mail.

The experience of the last four years has proven that communication with the membership is very efficient and cost effective if using the internet.Thus we will not send any printed copies through the mail as it is time consuming and hinders the effectiveness of communicating with the membership in a timely manner.

We would appreciate the cooperation of the membership in passing on the e-news to members they know who do not have access to the internet.

This newsletter is open to any member that would like to communicate with the membership. Just send an e-mail to: thebirdie@gabiolagolf.com


Snowbird News

From March 2 to 13, Jim Wightman, Andre Lemieux and Yvon Bombois will be in Palm Springs for early spring golf tune-up .Cheryl and Art Diels are already there. If anybody is in the area at that time and would be interested in a golf get together just drop a line at tournaments@gabriolagolf.com . A one day mini tournament could be organised sometime between March 5 and 10. Patrick Taylor and a few more members will be in the area at the same time.



All events are listed on the web site and are as up to date as the ones on the Club Bulletin Board. It is a good place to check on what is coming up at the Club.

The next events are:

  • Sunday Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day Dinner - Support your Club and attend this special evening.
  • OLYMPICS on the Club big screen.

    During the Olympics, the Club House will be open from noon to 7pm starting Thursday the 18th until Sunday the 21st and from Thursday the 25th until Sunday the 28th. On both of those Fridays the Club House will be open in the evening for darts. These dates also offer a good selection of Gold Medal events.

    A special kitchen Olympic Menu will be available for
    those dates.

    The Board has decided to open the Club House for the membership to have a quiet place to watch their favorite Olympic events on our big TV screen.

  • Sunday Feb. 28 is our annual Ducky Race at 12 noon
  • In March we will be opening seven days a week starting on Monday15th.
  • Men's day opening is on March 25th and the Ladies on March 30th.


Men's Washroom Update


The renovations for the Men’s is underway.  We plan to be completed before our spring opening.  In the meantime, the small washroom off the hallway downstairs will be the temporary men’s washroom.

We are also looking for anyone with any expertise in ceramic tile to help with the installation of the new washroom floor.

And don’t forget our Valentine’s Dinner on Sunday, Feb. 14th at 6 p.m.  Proceeds will go to the men’s washroom.

Shirley Cerniuk  


Board meeting notes

Highlights (Feb. 10, 2010)

  • The Handicap and Tournaments Committee is now renamed the Golf Committee. The chair of the committee will have the title of Director of Golf. The Committee includes the chair, who must be a member of the Board, the Men's Captain, the Ladies' Captain(s) and other members or employees as required.

    Responsibilities for that Committee include advising the Board on the handicap system, the local rules of golf, course etiquette, course performance, signing-in policies, golf supplies, marshalling duties and other golf related issues.

  • The Treasurer noted that many members have paid their dues early and this has prevented the Club from touching its line of credit. A big thank you to all those members.

  • Our Greens' Chairman is planning a needed clean up of the course when the weather will allow. We will need all the hands that can be mustered. Be ready when the time come!!