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E-News --- March 2010


The tournament season is rapidly approaching and the first one on the horizon is the Mixed Sole Survivor. It will be at 3 pm on April 10.

It will be our third annual and I must say that the previous ones were extremely exciting and worth attending either as a participant or a spectator.

The list for participants should appear on the bulletin board shortly. It is limited so put your name early.

The next day on April 11, we have the Community Free Golf. This is the day that we, as a club, invite islanders to our course to show what we are all about and hopefully translate our efforts into getting some new members.

We need your help in two ways: 1- To spread the word amongst your friends, neighbours and relatives. 2- Be present at the Club House sometime between 11am and 2pm to help welcome those who come.

Check the Events page of our web site for all future tournaments.



Welcome to our 2010  SPRING CELEBRATION  !!!!

The Club House is open, the course is drying out, and to celebrate the Social Committee is planning our annual spring opening dinner.

We have a wonderful dinner planned for you.  It will be on Saturday, April 17th. 
Cocktails at 6 p.m.
Dinner at 7 p.m.

We are featuring:

A Complementary Glass of Wine or Beer

Piping Hot Oven Fresh Bread with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

Glazed Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Sumptuous Salad, Spring Veggies

Delectable Fresh Fruit Pizza

We will also be offering for sale a fine Beaujolais or Pinot Grigio.

So invite your friends, and come celebrate.

Tickets will be available at the club house.  $25 per person.

See you there
Shirley Cerniuk   



Men's Day

      As your new captain I would like to welcome you all to the 2010 season.  My aim will be to make men's day as much fun as it is possible to be!  I will be making some new suggestions and would very much like your input.  The first men's day will be on Thursday March 25th. starting at 9:00 a.m. 
       Men's day new suggestions for 2010
          1. Speed of play.   Try to get our games finished in no more than 5hr's maximum.   a. If a player is late, take his maximum strokes on the hole his group is playing and join them on the next hole.  b.  If a group is slow with empty holes ahead of them take maximum strokes skipping that hole and going on to the next. c  Don't score more than double the par on any hole.  Pick up your ball when reaching that score.
         2.  Voluntary pool.  Suggest that players wishing to may enter a pool costing $3.00 each.  This pool will be divided into two groups.  High and Low handicaps.  The winner or winners would be the low gross scores in their group.  This is separate from our regular men's day cost and ball prize.
        3.  Years play schedule.  Post a schedule for the year describing the play format for every Thursday.
        4.  Lunch.  We will try to begin lunch about 4 3/4 hr's after we start our play.
        4.  Write up men's day.  Do a weekly men's day results and golf related news to put into a newspaper. 

We will welcome any guests to play on men's day.  They will pay green fees and be required to show a handicap if they wish to participate in our competition.  Otherwise they can just play a game with us.
  A real gun might be used for our shot gun start this year.      

George MacLean
Men's Captain         



The golf committee would like to have the course periodically checked for quality of play and operation this year. We will be asking for volunteers to assist us in doing spot checks during busy times.
      The recommendations are that members from the committee or course share that time.  It would mean spending about an hour or so during the busy times.  The aim of the marshaling is that people playing are aware that the golf club and it's paying members care about the quality of play and work.  It also is to assist our club house staff with problems that may come up for them.  A golf cart will be made available to this person. 
         A schedule will be made up for the year.  Remember that a person volunteering can choose her's/his times of being on the course during that volunteered period.  They can arrange to have another responsible person take their scheduled place if desired. A marshaling guide line will be available for them.

  Anyone interested in doing some of this please contact George MacLean  @ gabemac@telus.net or ph# 247 8048 who will be making up the schedule.



Our membership secretary, Marion Alexander, reported this tally of our membership

The membership count stands at 272.  We have 185 Playing, 37 Juniors,
32 Social, 11 Associate and 7 Honorary members.
The Adult Playing Membership numbers break down to:
Resident Single                       -           83
Resident Couple                     -           70
Resident Family                      -             2
Non-Resident Single               -           13
Non-Resident Couple             -           12
Non-Resident Family              -             2
Corporate                                -            3




This stands for Mid Island Seniors Golf Association and is a golf organization for all male golfers aged 55 or older on Vancouver Island, BC. Our members are from all BCGA member clubs from Arbutus Ridge in the south and Storey Creek to the North.

It is the best deal on Vancouver Island if you want to experience other courses amongst friendly partners.

This year's schedule can be seen at: http://www.misga-bc.com/misgabc/id26.html

Our representative is Bob Russell and he should be contacted if interested. 250-247-8733 or e-mail at crrussell@shaw.ca