June 2006

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Dear members

This is the new way of keeping in touch with the membership. We have been trying to find a way to produce The Birdie in some kind of form similar to the past editions but it is becoming evident that we have to join the 21st century and publish using the modern way . We are going to publish a digital monthly newsletter that is going to act as a double hammer. It is going to be cheap and get the message across.

So this is our first edition and we are open to criticism, suggestions, flack, and whatever you might come up with, and also help from the bravest of you.

President's official report
As reported in earlier e-mails, this has been another terrible spring and we have been suffering from a lower than usual weakness in the green fees side of the ledger. Our membership numbers are still below last year's and your board had to make decisions regarding ways to resolve the issue.

All green fee rates were raised to match the market and to keep in line with our membership fee structure. Over the years, membership dues were increased at a higher rates than green fee rates and created an imbalance.  For an avid golfer, it is now advantageous to join as a member rather than pay green fees. The logic is simple. There are complaints but it should create a demand for membership.

The number 5 green has been improved and all those that had the chance to play it have lots of praise for our greens committee for their hard work and ingenious planning with great cooperation from Clyde Coats. It will get better with time and, during the next winter, we will be able to push all that extra earth in front of the new green to create a slope so that players will be able to roll the ball on the green.

The fairways are in the process of being worked on as time and weather permit and should slowly show improvement during our three year plan for that project.

Our main event coming up is the Gabriola Men’s Amateur on July 15 and 16. Remember those dates and please make an effort to show up at the club to support it.

Until the end of July have good golfing and a great time with your guests and friends.

Andre Lemieux

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Membership Secretary's Report

Congratulations to Meagan Visser, Brock Poesiat and Kai Wohlleben who are the 2006 winners of the Gabriola School Award.  The awards are given annually to the best all-round students as chosen by the teachers at the Gabriola Elementary School.
Some former members have returned and we would like to welcome them as well as the new members who have joined this year.  Their names are:  Sandra Beers, Stan Carlson, Lyn Clarke, Bev Fisher, Brian & Min Friebel, Caitlin, Declan and Samuel Garrood, Scotty Gribbon, James Harris, Janice Harris, Dixon Kenny, Riley Kozlowski, Michelle LeBoutillier, Loraine & Tony Leeming, Gordon McPherson, Carl Soderberg, Kaman Somers, Adam Thorne, Herman Visser & Robyn Gulyas and Richard Williams & Judith Heather.
The membership count is now 260 - 168 Playing, 54 Social, 16 Associate, 15 Junior and 7 Honorary. 
Last year we had 285 members so our numbers continue to dwindle.  This could have serious consequences for our club if we don't attract more members.  We also need the full support of those who are part of our club.  There are a lot of people working very hard to try and make this club a welcoming and lively place to visit and a good place to bring your friends and family.  With our limited funds we rely a great deal on volunteers, and we can always use help.  Check out the website for email addresses of committe heads and contact one of them if you wish to participate.
It's your club so be a part of it.

Marion Alexander 

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Social Committee Report

Remember to support your club.  Attendance is picking up in all areas and the Sunday breakfasts continue to be a favorite.  We look forward to hearing new ideas from members and would like to see everyone enjoying themselves at all functions.

The Social Committee has had several extremely successful functions so far this year and we are presently gearing up for the Men’s Amateur.

Pacific Breweries has been kind enough to donate the banner you see across the road and we plan to leave it up for the entire Silver Anniversary year.

On Sunday, May 21 we held an entire day of celebration for our Silver Anniversary which began with a pancake breakfast 9-11 – over 90 attended; lunch – 12–1:30 Kimmie Burgers – 75 in attendance followed by Opening Ceremonies and then a casual dinner/dance beginning at 6:00 – full house.  We also charged 1981 prices of $6.50 for 18 holes of golf for the entire day. 

We were pleased to have Jo Kenny cut the ribbon and a special presentation was made to Clyde Coats followed by a fun auction run by from Eric Boulton which resulted in a fairly large donation to our Club.

We have a great facility and staff  - let’s use it!

Carrol Craig

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Several club tournaments have been run and they were all well participated
by club members.

We tried to provide Fun tourneys every second Sunday, weather permitting,
During the fall and winter period. As we all remember the weather was not our
Friend but the ones that we did run were well attended and there was some fun times.

Club Tournaments

Tombstone Mens winner Jim Wightman Ladies winner Melissa Sharples

Sting Tournament Mens Mike Wayman Ladies Carrol Craig

Jason receiving the Sole Survivor Trophy from President Andre Lemieux

Sole Survivor #1 John Cox and Jason Gladson teed of #9 winner Jason Gladson

Sole Survivor #2 Bill Reynolds and Bob Russell teed of #9 Winner Bob Russell

presidents cup
Past President Graham Mules receiving the trophy for the winning team in the President's Cup
from, another past president, Bob McClellan with the present President Andre Lemieux looking on and representing the losing team..

Tournament for July and August

Mens and Ladies Amateurs

Lefty Righty


Dick Sharples

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Men's Amateur Tournament

Plans are well underway for the 18th Annual Men's Amateur Golf Tournament to be held on July 15th & 16th.
We look forward to a fun filled weekend with lots of good food, games, raffles and fabulous prizes, not to mention two days of great golf.
We urge all members and friends to get their registration forms in as soon as possible, space is limited and you don't want to be disappointed

Ted Caldwell
Tournament Chairman

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Ladies Captain

I agreed to stay on as  TheLadies captain for the reminder of the season.So far everything was running smoothly and I hope that it will continue the same way. Lets make our Ladies days busy and join us every Tuesday at 8:30 am for shotgun start. Some members started they little group of nine holes only, you should be there around 10:00 am to join in so we can have lunch together. Lunches this year are delicious and you can catch up on the latest gossip around the table.Both exchange and District 6 matches are well organized( thank you Lesley and Claire), we  still have few more to play. On August 9th, our golf course will be rated for the ladies only, this should make our away games more even.Please don't remove postings from the lower hallway from the bulletin board, they should be available for everybody (some are already missing).Marion emailed me the latest ladies members list with phone numbers, if you are interested let me know and I will give it to you. Happy golfing!  Olga

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Do you have an inside plant that has outgrown your house?  We have a home for it at the clubhouse.  Some greenery would be a nice addition and add to the atmosphere of club.   Donations of live houseplants with their pot would be greatly appreciated.  The staff promise to water faithfully and be nice to them.

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You will notice that the men and ladies locker rooms have  had a cleanup.  A number of winter boots, jackets, etc. were removed from the top of the lockers.  Should you wish to reclaim any of these items (for storage in your locker), please contact Bev Bickerton at 247-9077.  Items not reclaimed by July 1 will be placed in the Golf Club annual garage sale.

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