Caitlin Garrood

Ryan Kloosterboer

Robert Keep

Junior's Club Championship

Heather Keep


by Jason Gladson


            August 23rd marked the closing of the 2006 Junior Golf Program at the Gabriola Golf and Country Club with the annual Junior Championship tournament. The program which was held every Wednesday morning started on July 5th and ran through until the tournament. This year it was very well attended with over thirty registrants through the Golf Club and the Gabriola Recreation Society. Through the course of the summer the older more experienced junior golfers and a couple adult members of the club helped the younger golfers improve their games. After the golf game each junior received a hot dog and a pop for their efforts.


            Twenty-three juniors participated in the tournament. They were divided up and played a varying amount of holes. Some played 18, others played 9, and while the younger ones played about 5 holes. Everyone who played in the tournament received a prize. As a result of the success of this year's Junior Program the golfers received some very nice prizes.


            Robert Keep emerged as the winner. Robert was able to hold off closest competitors Ryan Kloosterboer and Heather Keep to win his second consecutive Low Gross Junior Championship. Heather, who is a multiple time Girls Champion in the past, beat all the boys to win the Low Net title. Caitlin Garrood broke through to win the Girls title this year.